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Integrate with GUID.org

Integrating with GUID.org is fast and easy. Here are some of the benefits:

Central opt-out:
Give your users one place to opt out of all the cookie exchanging you do.

Inventory management
Enable your sales team to understand capacity and availability of hyper-targeted impressions by using a common identifier with your buyer.

Reach with data anonymity:
Extend your reach across the internet, without revealing your user data, by purchasing inventory based on common identifiers.

Real-time bidding
Exchanges and ad networks are moving to real-time bidding for impressions. Common identifiers enable real-time bidding to occur on the server side, without consuming valuable user bandwidth.

Improve page load times:
Improve your user experience by eliminating many of the tracking pixels you have on your pages. Speed ad delivery by employing fewer redirects.

Not a competitor
GUID.org is not a competitor for your data, impressions, or ad sales. This is the only unique identifier you'll ever need.

Scalable and fast
GUID.org is founded by folks who built much of the ad serving infrastructure on the internet, we know how to scale. The service is built on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, using geographically distributed redundant data centers, and automatically grows to meet spikes in demand.

How it works:
GUID.org works by assigning each browser a unique, essentially random user ID. This ID is constructed by the mod_uniqueid module to be unique for every user, and is represented by a 19-character string. The ID is then set as a cookie from GUID.org.

How to integrate:
Simply drop some standard code into your page footer, install the receiver, and you'll be hooked up in minutes. Please see our detailed instructions for specifics.

Inexpensive or even free:
If your domain or group of domains refers under 1 million calls per month, GUID.org is free. If you are above that threshold, we charge $20 for the first million calls, then $0.000015 per call ($0.015 CPM) for the next 9 million, then $0.01 CPM for the next 90 million and $0.005 for the next 900 million, topping out at $0.001 for all calls above 1 billion. Note that if you use our receiver, each unique may count as two calls.