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Opt Out

One of the services we provide is a centralized opt-out for all of the sites that use GUID.org. Remember that unlike catalogs or mailing lists, opting out doesn't give you fewer ads, just less relevant ones. And you make it just a little harder to keep giving you all that great free content.

How it works: opting out sets your GUID to the string "OptedOut". Some things to keep in mind:
  • If you clear your cookies, your opt out election will also be cleared
  • If you have cookies turned off, we will not be able to set the OptedOut cookie, but you have already effectively opted out (and lost some useful functionality)
  • Cookies are browser-based, so if you use different computers, or different browsers on the same computer, you will need to opt out on each one
  • It may take up to 30 days to transmit your opt out election to all the sites that use GUID.org. To speed this up, you may want to clear your browser cookies before opting out here.
  • The opt out cookie is set to expire in 2037 - probably we'll all be using telepathic internet access by then You can click here to opt out.