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Privacy Policy

We do NOT collect data about our users:
We take user privacy very seriously; we collect no data on you. We do NOT track what sites you visit, we do NOT even record your IP address. We only create a GUID for you if you do not already have one, and supply it to sites that request it. We don't even store the GUID we create, and have no way to re-generate it if you lose it.

Data we do keep:
In technical terms, we have turned off logging entirely except for storing your referring URL domain for tracking usage. We also count opt-outs, but again, without any other info except where they come from. In particular, we do NOT keep your GUID, IP address, browser "fingerprint", nor anything else about your visit. We are not able to provide any info about your surfing habits to anyone, even law enforcement, because we do not keep it.

On rare occasions we will turn on logging briefly to debug a problem, but those logs are deleted within a week, and no backups are kept.

A GUID is not personally identifiable:
A GUID stores no information about you, it is only a unique number that is used to identify your browser in an anonymous way. GUID.org stores no information about you at all, not even your GUID.

How to opt out:
Click here to opt out. Remember that unlike catalogs or email lists, opting out doesn't give you fewer ads, just less relevant ones. And you make it just a little harder to keep giving you all that great free content.

How we preserve your privacy:
By providing a central opt-out, users who are particularly sensitive can opt out in one place for all the sites that are GUID enabled, saving substantial time and effort. There is also a more subtle privacy enhancement: with a common GUID, an ad network has the ability to buy specific impressions from a site. Before GUID, the ad network had to look at every impression to see they wanted it, thus potentially giving the ad network quite a bit of extra data about the site's users.

What happens to my data if GUID.org goes under or gets bought?
See above, GUID.org doesn't keep any data about you.